What is a Business Trade Account?

Open-account, short-term (usually 30 to 90 days) deferred payment terms offered by a seller to a buyer as a standard trade practice or to encourage sales. 

Why are your services so expensive?

We try our absolute hardest to keep our services at a reasonable and affordable price for all, that being said we offer the most bang for your buck in comparison to other credit building services as we report to three times as many bureaus. Our phone lines and emails are also staffed around the clock to answer any questions you may have along with settling any issue if one ever arises.

How will we report your credit on your business credit report?

We will report your business as a business we have extended Net 30 terms to. You will see a Net 30 tradeline account from us on your Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet, Innovis, Creditsafe, and Experian business credit reports. Please not that purchases CANNOT be made against our provided tradelines, as they are merely reported.

How can I become an affiliate partner?

Sign up to become an affiliate partner at this link!

Can I get more than one tradeline?

Once you make your first purchase we can provide you with opportunities to increase your credit limit, get other tradelines and grow faster by making ongoing purchases with us. If you have further questions please contact us.

Which credit bureaus do you report to?

We report to Experian, Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet, Innovis, and Creditsafe.

Can I cancel your credit building service at any time?

Of course! We actually encourage you to cancel your services if you ever feel as if they do not provide sufficient value to your business. We also are understanding of extenuating circumstances, especially in this day and age.

Are customs services refundable (such as logos, and websites?)

Unfortunately, no. Custom services such as logo designs, websites, SEO campaigns and et cetera are not refundable. We will however try our absolute best to correct any type of grievance if any may so occur.

How can I get in touch with Customer Support?

Call us or make use of our live chat agents! If you’re in a rush and would like to email us then please email us at support@obeybusiness.com